Sonntag, 6. November 2016

Colors {Layout with Tutorial}

Whoop, whoop! The foricecreamiscream train is bringing you this new layout made for Scrapbook Werkstatt and their inspirational gallery; the tutorial is written in German ( click here) but I'm going to write a pictorial process here in English below:

1) Grab the materials you want to use! I went with fabulous Take Me Away by Pink Paislee (Paige Evans). I swear that woman just has the same taste in colors as I do.

2) I decided to make a grid design and cut that gorgeous paper with the squares!

3) I cut a bunch but I just needed those I put down on this layout. I decided to go with a 3x3 grid.

4) As soon as I was sure where I wanted my colors to be, I grabbed a pen and traced the lines. We will need to do that to know where to apply the paint later.

5) As soon as all squares were traced, I went ahead and grabbed my gelatos and acrylics, going around the edges and a little above; so the color is still visible. You decide how thick you want your frames to be! Don't forget to apply water or rub the pigments of the gelatos in. :)

6) Some colors make more sense to combine; I wanted my frames to pop, that's why I made sure that I wouldn't mix a pink frame with a pink square. But you can do whatever you want; mixing the same colors will just give you a more settled look, that's completely fine, too!

7) Just add embellishments. That's the most fun part, right? 

Pink Paislee: Moonstruck {SOON}

Soon, soon, very soon am I going to have THIS tattoo on my left wrist. It's the silhouette of Hogwarts, but my idea was actually to make it look like a heartbeat; and the silhouette coming out of the typical beeep beeep lines. You know what I mean? Me and explaining, I know...

So for this layout I decided to paint a galaxy background. It matches the whole collection and I wish Pink Paislee (or anyone else for that matter) would finally come up with a galaxy background. It's so hype! Gotta jump on that train and ride with it! I used watercolors for this, by the way.

Pink Paislee: Moonstruck {Smile}

You already know it, right? Yeah, yeah. MOONSTRUCK. I am moonstruck. I love Pink Paislee for bringing out this beautiful, beautiful enchanting line.

I fussy cut the florals from one paper and embellished the rest very with simple elements; everything I used was found in the collection, I didn't use anything from another.

Pink Paislee: Moonstruck {awesome}

Hey guys! I was lucky enough to get the gorgeous Moonstruck collection by Pink Paislee to play with; I can't explain how enchanting I think this collection is. It reminds me of a modern Harry Potter line and that's why you'll find that I pick up on that magical atmosphere that Moonstruck tries to convey (in my humble opinion). We all need some magic in our lives, don't we?

Here are some more details. I think this layout works best seeing the details.

Look at the colors! That enchanting dark blue with the gold, the star and moon background, urgh! I AM DYING OVER HERE, GUYS!

As you can see, I used a bunch of structure paste. You know, the moon itself is very structured, isn't it? So I thought I would give this layout a little more dimension. I used a very sandy white structure paste and combined it with crushed coral by shimmerz. It's downright awesome, you won't't believe how much it shines until you have it.

I really like how the blue foil shines and lights up when the light hits it; it just gives this extra nice atmosphere and mysteriousness.

I must admit that I am in love with how this layout turned out. Thanks for joining me today! 

Hello Fall

Ode to fall! Fall is my favorite season. I love those bright colors. I don't even mind the reds during that season! Even though red is my least favorite color. Here's my layout created for Hip Kit Club. There's also a process video on my YouTube channel, just click here .

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016


Sooo! Hip Kit Club gave me quite the challenging task with this. Why? Because I had to keep three things in mind while creating this: Supersizing something, using the theme "Family", and bringing in some Mixed Media! Oh yeah, that's a lot to mind. BUT I loved the challenge - it was interesting and made me learn about myself. There's also a process video here and a larger Blogpost here.

Take Me Away

Yay, my first official October Kit Post for Hip Kit Club was with this fun layout:

As soon as I laid hands on the WRMK Honey I'm Home ephemera and saw those circles, I knew that I wanted to make balloons out of them. This layout is about how you're spending time with a person that is dear to you, and how they take you away from your worries about everyday life - it's just about fun and the joy of life! There's also a process video for this one, so go check foricecreamiscream  on YouTube.

Scrapbook Werkstatt: November Kit {Regentanz} Layouts

Hey friends! Just showing you my layouts I made with the november kit. I've made 5 in total, but I'm picking my favorite three layouts for you guys to see.

The November Kit is full of PinkFreshStudio Indigo Hills. Now those who know my style know that it's a color scheme that I barely use; but I enjoyed doing something else. For this particular Layout I created some fun feathers! I love feathers!

....and of course I couldn't miss out on butterflies. I created the butterfly cutfile myself; stay tuned, I might be able to offer it to everyone via Hip Kit Club, but I won't make any promises. I still have to change some parts about the butterflies, but for now, I like the way it looks!

What do you mean I can't have pink? Of course I can! I NEED PINK! Sorry, it's true. Not sure if something will change about that. xD 

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

Loved This

Sadly, this one will be my last layout I will be posting having used the September Kits from Hip Kit Club. I've had a blast. I can just encourage everyone to try out a kit club. Not because the products and exclusives are amazing, but because you're getting pushed creatively. In my last post I have mentioned that I would've NEVER laid hands on Maggie Holme's gather, but had I not had the products, would I have all of those layouts that I did? No. Because kits are pre-decided, your taste and your style can only meet so much. And that's where your creative juices will start to bubble. You'll have to think of new and original ways. Not for others, but for yourself, and move out of your comfort zone until you're satisfied with the results. I think that's keeping everything fresh and fun. You'll be surprised about yourself. You'll grow. You'll love it.



But back to the layout: I painted a wreath using watercolor. Yes, watercolor are my new addiction. Look for the picture below, the wreath doesn't even have to make a lot of sense!

From the Heart

I love a good grid design. Unfortunately, my grid designs are sometimes very wobbly. But I guess this one isn't my worse. I really wanted to give that orange ribbon a spotlight. I LOVED the embellishment pack from Maggie Holme's gather. It's so funny, considering I probably would've never bought anything from her collection, the layout that I made with it has been nothing but joy! Thanks to Hip Kit Club!


I love this layout! It's been the very first layout I made once I had my hands on the gorgeous Hip Kit Club September Kits. And what can I say? it was soooo much fun. I loved the "Jane" paper by Maggie Holmes, I really had to cut out those beautiful roses.  Can you see what I did with the leafs?

Hey Girl

I love working with simple elements, that's why I decided to use "just" the chipboard stickers from the September Hip Kit Club embellishment add-on. They're from Crate Paper's collection called "Cute Girl", and they're so much fun!

My favorite element is definitely the confetti pocket behind the photo, I used a stapler to keep them attached to the side so they don't go anywhere actually. 

I love my Poncho

Don't you, too? I just love Ponchos. Especially this one! It's perfect! It has the perfect length and it falls and wraps around my body just nicely. I never EEEEK so much about clothes but this one is awesome. Especially for my favorite season of the year: FALL!

Of course I'm using the gorgeous September Kit by Hip Kit Club. Somebody had requested for the DT members to use the main kit only, as a lot of subscribers are getting the main kit without any of the add-ons. So I decided to give it a try. 

I stitched the leafs using the October 2015 cutfils, go register on the Hip Kit Club page for FREE cut files! I used some of them as a template for my stitching. I even journaled on one of them. So fun! I like how the blue pops; and I admit that blue isn't my favorite color. 

Gather Memories: Calendar 2017

I've had so many papers left from the Hip Kit Club September Kit that I really wanted to use up most of them. So I decided to make a "larger project". I wanted to create a calendar; an early Christmas present for my niece where she would have one picture of us per month; the calendar stands upright so she can put it on display. Maggie Holme's gather collection made it possible! Click here for a full tutorial!

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2016

XOXO - Hip Kit Club Layout #1

Hey lovely people! This is my very first official post for my HKC term. I was so excited! My task for the week was to use mixed media - in my case, I decided to go with watercolors and structure paste. Can't go wrong with that, right? Riiight.

I mainly went with the colors from Maggie Holme's "Gather" and turned them slightly brighter by combining brighter shades of mint, mustard yellow and peach on my background using watercolors. I was very insecure about the Gather collection at first, but working with it was nothing but joy and fun!

visit for awesome kits!

Freitag, 30. September 2016

Scrapbook Werkstatt Design Team Post #1: Play

Today is the day for my first official post for Scrapbook Werkstatt. I was lucky to get a mixed media set containing gel gelatos (city brights) from Faber-Castell. The set comes with four colors (and some more stuff), the colors are rather translucent, but carry enough pigments to pop and allow other colors to blend and mix. Go check out what happened!

Ich darf heute mal meinen ersten "offiziellen" Post für die Scrapbook Werkstatt machen. Ich hatte das große Glück, mich mit ein paar Gel Gelatos (City Brights) von Faber-Castell austoben zu dürfen. Das Set kommt mit vier Farben (Grün, Pink, Gelb, Blau), die halb-transparent sind, man kann sie ganz wunderbar miteinander vermischen, um so seine Farbpalette zu erweitern.

Embellished habe ich größenteils mit der Fancy Free Reihe von Pink Paislee, der schwarze Papierrand oben stammt aus der Cute Girl Reihe von Crate Paper.

Schaut euch diese Farben an!

Kleiner Tipp: Habt ihr keine Alphas mehr, um richtige Titel zu schreiben? Dann nehmt doch einfach eure übriggebliebenen Alphasticker und arrangiert sie als Hintergrund an.